Voigtlander 50mm f1.0 Nokton Aspherical Lens for Canon RF Mount Cameras Sale

Voigtlander 50mm f1.0 Nokton Aspherical Lens for Canon RF Mount Cameras

The Voigtlander Nokton 50mm F1 Aspherical is Cosina's first Canon RF mount lens with electronic contacts and is an ultra-fast aperture manual focus standard lens.
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Covering a full-frame image circle, the optical design follows the existing VM mount and Nikon Z mount lenses, whilst being optimised for the Canon EOS R system camera's image sensor *1 .

The lens is equipped with electronic contacts which communicate data with the body. In addition to Exif information and in-body image stabilisation (3 axis) *2, by combining with camera body features and the latest firmware, the lens has three types of focusing support functions: (enlarged display, peaking & focus guide *3 ).

The NOKTON 50mm F1 Aspherical uses a GA (ground aspherical) lens element, manufactured in-house, for the front surface of the lens. This difficult manufacturing process achieves sufficient rendering and superior performance at even the widest aperture. The in-house designed and manufactured GA lens made it possible to use a high melting point and high refraction glass material, which cannot be used with molded lens manufacturing methods.

By manufacturing an aspherical lens from a high refractive index glass material, it became possible to simplify the lens configuration while ensuring high performance. Through this painstaking work, a lens with sharp styling, superior performance, and a short length was born!

In addition, by adopting a floating lens mechanism, stable image quality can be obtained from the shortest shooting distance to the most distant. Constant sharpness at all subject distances is now achievable. The standard 50mm F1 lens is like a dream for photography enthusiasts. With F1 you can enjoy extremely large and smooth bokeh compared to lenses with slower low F-stop. The minimum focusing distance of this lens is very close at 0.45m.

The high-precision metal helicoid with special lubricants produces very accurate focusing when the aperture is wide open and its silky focus feeling is another luxurious feature of the lens. Due to the 50mm F1’s total of 12 aperture blades, the out-of-focus part of point light sources are depicted in a desirable rendition and shape. It also comes with a metal lens hood that may be mounted in reverse making it both portable and versatile.

The aperture is mechanically controlled and is directly connected to the control ring. It is adjusted on the lens, rather than the command dial on the camera. The aperture ring has a click switching mechanism that allows you to open and close the aperture seamlessly without being affected by clicks, such as when shooting videos or making fine focus adjustments.

Main Features

  • Excellent optical performance due to GA (ground aspherical) lens element
  • Dedicated design for Canon RF mounts covering full frame image circle
  • Data communication with the camera body through electronic contacts
  • Highly rigid and durable all-metal lens barrel
  • Manual focus for reliable fine-focus
  • Floating Lens Mechanism
  • Beautiful bokeh effect due to 12-bladed aperture
  • Selective Aperture Click allows clickless operation for video
  • Lens hood included.


*1 Due to the optical characteristics of the lens, magenta overlay may occur at the periphery of the image depending on the shooting conditions with EOS R, RP, and R6.

*2 Only valid for bodies equipped with in-body image stabilisation function.

*3 Excluding EOS RP.

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Manufacturer SKU RF332
Brand Voigtlander
Focal Length 50mm
Aperture Range f1.0 - f16
Elements / Groups 9 / 7
Angle of View 48°
Focusing Range 0.45m - ∞
Lens Type Standard
Lens Coverage Full Frame / 35mm
Lens Focus Mechanism Manual
Thread Size 67mm
Compatible Lens Hood Included
Colour Black
Dimensions 79.3 x 64 mm
Weight 650g
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