TriggerSmart TriggerBeam Pro Kit

The TriggerBeam Pro Kit is a long range infra red beam device. It is designed to easily capture images using Infra Red Beam Breaking.


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The TriggerBeam Pro can be used by stills or video image makers, to facilitate the capture of images that would normally be very difficult or impossible to achieve in Wildlife, Sports, Event Photography or Security applications.

A great variety of stills and video cameras can be used, digital as well as film based. The IR Beam range is at least 20 meters in daylight and up to 30 meters in darkness! The TriggerBeam Pro can be connected directly to the cameras remote trigger socket or it can be connected to the MCT-1 control unit, offering the ability to tune the sensitivity of the sensors and delaying the triggering of the capture device. Also choice of single exposures or continuous shooting over given time spans are possible.

For some fantastic examples of images made possible by the TriggerSmart range please Click Here

Range: Darkness 30 meter, Bright ambient light 20 meters approx.
Trigger Time: minimum beam break to trigger time 20 ms
Trigger delay time: up to 10 ms
IR Transmitter Beam: 10 degrees
Wavelength: 950 nm
Trigger Outputs: direct to camera or via TS Control unit
Power: Transmitter 3 x AAA batteries, Receiver 2 x AA
Operation time: with good batteries up to 60 hours
The TriggerBeam Pro Kit consists of:
1 x IR Receiver 1 x IR Transmitter2 x Stakepods 2 x weatherproof Covers 1 x 3 meter cable 3.5 mm to 2.5 mm 1 x Jack Adapter 2.5 to 3.5 mm 1 x 2 degrees IR Baffle

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