Arca Swiss C1 Cube Tripod Head CP ClicPan with Quickset Classic Device

Precision engineering and uncompromising excellence are the hallmarks of this amazing tripod head now with clicPan for accurate panoramic photography.

WARNING: The Fliplock Device is intended for use only with genuine Arca Swiss plates & brackets. Third party 'Arca Fit' products are not supported and may void the warranty if used.

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ARCA-SWISS C1 Cube CP clicPan is reputed to be one of the best tripod heads in the world and its unique design makes it immediately recognizable.
It is a best seller, and a favourite of the most renowned photographers: its patented design and robustness are acclaimed by the most demanding among them. The Cube is a geared tripod head which provides fine and completely secure positioning of all camera types through a combination of high-precision movements.

Efficient, gear-driven tilts
The perpendicular levelling cradles, each with a tilt range of +/- 30°, have their axes of rotation close to the optical centre of the camera. Their adjustment therefore has very little effect on framing and perspective, which means setting-up is now faster than ever. The controls are so easy and instinctive to use that both axes can be adjusted at the  same time with a minimum of corrections. Each axis can be moved by a pair of knobs which can be used together for heavy cameras, or separately when operating in tight spaces. A separate friction control is provided for each axis, for ease of use when working with the lightest or heaviest of loads. The Cube’s geared controls are self-locking, so when a change is needed, simply turn a control knob to make a change then release it.

90° Tilt movement:
With a combination of the base manual tilt and the top geared tilt, the Cube can be moved into extreme positions. A feature of the C1 Cube is the ability to open up like a clamshell to allow for vertical shooting without an L-bracket, or to increase the degree to which you can pitch and roll the camera. The Cube base is hinged and is secured with a locking knob. Once unlocked, the Cube may be opened manually and relocked at 60° to the horizontal. To achieve the final vertical position, the geared tilt control can fine tune the camera position beyond 90°. Overhead views may be achieved in this same position, using top pan to rotate the camera upwards.

Dual Panning mechanisms:
Manual base panning permits initial alignment of the camera with the subject. A second, top panning movement sited above the levellers gives precise and stable rotation once all is levelled horizontally. A scale graduated in degrees enables control of the rotation angle. It is manually operated as standard fit: additionally, two options are available:

- The gp option provides a fine geared control of rotation (gp = geared pan)
- The cp option provides panning in pre-set selectable steps (cp = clicPan®)

Both panning mechanisms can be locked with levers.

Large and visible level controls:
Two large, clear and easy-to-read bubble levels are located on the top plate.

Solid design and handmade, high-quality assembly:
The Cube is machined from solid, aeronautical quality aluminium which gives lightness and robustness. It weights around 1 kg (2.2 lb.) and can support a load of up to 40 kg (88 lb.).

ARCA-SWISS makes no compromise on quality:
The Cube is manufactured and assembled by hand with the greatest care to ensure an outstanding experience and many years of pleasure when using it.

cp - clicPan® (top panning in angular steps):
The clicPan® is a low-profile and lightweight mechanism which provides a variable interval top panning base. It can be easily switched from free to angular, step-by-step
rotation. 10 positions can be selected on a setting ring - 40° (9 steps), 30° (12 steps), 24° (15 steps), 20° (18 steps), 15° (24 steps), 12° (30 steps), 10° (36 steps), 7.5° (48 steps), 6° (60 stops) with an off position for free panning movement. Once a setting is chosen, the camera will pan in equal increments, and give a tactile and audible clic as it stops at each set step. The graduated scale around the edge of the base shows the exact angle turned through and a locking lever prevents further movement of the panning base.

Classic quick-release:
The Classic quick-release has two channels, which make it compatible with Classic ARCA-SWISS plates (the most widely used) as well as plates made to the new, narrower & lighter monoball®Fix standard. When used with monoball®Fix plates, two pins on its base prevent any unintended slippage of the camera. Tightening is done by a simple screw knob with which the photographer can ensure the camera is properly and securely fixed in position. It is equipped with a target bubble level to visualize levelling. We recommend the use of original ARCA-SWISS plates, but the Classic quickrelease is also compatible with different plates made to ARCA-SWISS Classic standards, although tolerances may vary between brands.

WARNING: The Fliplock Device is intended for use only with genuine Arca Swiss plates & brackets. Third party 'Arca Fit' products are not supported and may void the warranty if used.

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Manufacturer SKU 8501503.1
Brand Arca Swiss
Head Type Pan Tilt
Height 121mm
Weight 1160g
Style Quick Release
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