LEE Filters SW150 System 0.6 Neutral Density Standard Filter

The LEE Filters SW150 System 0.6 Neutral Density Standard Filter reduces exposure by 2 Stops equally across the entire frame.

Brand: LEE Filters
Sku: LEESW150ND6S Manufacturer SKU: SW150ND6S

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ND standards can be classed as essential in modern photography. These filters absorb light evenly across the visible spectrum, therefore reducing the light entering the lens without affecting the image colour. Traditionally used on film for extending shutter speeds in bright conditions, they are now becoming essential to digital photographers for reducing the sensitivity of sensor chips on cameras which have relatively high minimum ISO settings.

ND Standards extend exposure times allowing for movement in an image, be it people, water, foliage or clouds. If used with care the effects can be impressive.

Lee offer ND Standards with a full range of stopping power

The aim of the ND Standard filter is to reduce the exposure equally across the entire frame. It is most commonly used to lengthen shutter speeds in order to blur movement.

Ultimate flexibility

ND Filters can be stacked together, or used with other filters, so you can respond to almost any lighting condition.

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Manufacturer SKU SW150ND6S
Brand LEE Filters
Filter Effect Neutral Density Standard
Filter System LEE SW150 Mark II
Filter Dimensions 150x150mm
Filter Material Optically Correct Resin
Filter Type Slide
Quantity Single

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