The LEE Filters SW150 Filter System


If you own a Nikon 14-24mm lens and you want to use filters then the SW150 system is for you. This well engineered system allows the use of ND and ND Graduated filters on this great optic – just what our landscape photographers want!

The system has its own SW filters which measure 150mm wide. This means the holder is a bit of a beast but does successfully work at 14mm without vignetting.

So how does it fit?


There are two main components of the holder; the filter holder itself and the locking collar assembly. The holder is held in place with a large thumb screw. This gives a very strong hold as well as easy adjustment in the instances where you want to apply the filter effect at an angle.


The locking collar assembly consists of three parts that simply screw together. They can easily be separated by hand.


The main spacer and locking ring go on the lens from the lens mount end first.


Then the front locking ring attaches over the lenses front. This screws together tightly and is very secure. You will notice that you will no longer be able to use your supplied Nikon 14-24mm lens hood. So you will either need to remove this locking assembly when not in use or you can use the soft lens cover supplied by Lee which is included in the SW150 starter kit.


The filter holder then slots over this locking assembly and is tightened with the filter holders locking thumb screw. Pictured above is the ND Grad 0.6 Hard filter which is also included in the SW150 Starter kit.

Can I use the SW150 on my other lenses?


The SW150 system has been specifically designed for the Nikon 14-24mm lens and at this time there are no direct adaptors that will allow its use on other lenses. However Lee have come up with a solution. They now make an accessory called a SW150 System Adaptor. This simple device will allow the SW150 holder to fit LEE’s 100mm system adaptor rings which are available in sizes 49mm up to 105mm. For many customers this is a very good solution.


So what filters are available?

Lee currently offer ND and ND graduated filters from 0.3 (1 stop) to 0.9 (3 stop). At this time there are no options for Pro Glass filters, The Big Stopper or Polarisers. Lee also list on their website filters such as Black and White and warm up but these are to special order and subject to some long delays.

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