Wine Country Camera 100mm Holder Kit 100KT1P00 Sale

Wine Country Camera 100mm Holder Kit

The Holder System Re-imagined: The 100mm Filter Holder by Wine Country Camera solves the problems of filter flex, light leaks, polarization, and installation without disturbing critical focus. It’s an enduring design, without compromises.

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Filter Holder Perfection

It took two years of critical analysis and meticulous design for Wine Country Camera to solve the challenges faced by filter holder system users. Their filter system was developed to solve the common problems of filter flex, light leaks, polarization, and installation without disturbing critical focus.

The Wine Country Camera 100mm Filter Holder allows for the use of up to three Wine Country Filter Vaults, designed to take 100mm-wide, 2mm-thick filters by manufacturers including LEE Filters, Formatt-Hitech, Nisi and others, along with an included circular polarizer filter. The system is compatible with lenses as wide as 17mm focal length (approximately) using separately available adaptor rings for 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm and 86mm front filter threads.

This kit includes a Wine Country Camera 100mm Filter Holder as well as a Wine Country Camera 100x100mm ND Filter Vault, 100x150mm Grad Filter Vault (additional Vaults sold separately) and the Wine Country Circular Polarizer. You will need to buy an adaptor ring separately to suit your lens size.

A Complete System

Ultra rugged in design, constructed from durable aluminum-alloy and high-density glass epoxy with rosewood accents, and brass locks. The system weighs in at 450g including filter vaults, the polariser and adaptor ring. (Adaptors sold separately)

Rotating Polarizer

The Wine Country 100mm Filter Holder Kit comes complete with a high quality, multi-coated, German Schott Glass rotating polarizer, designed specifically to work with the holder's gear system.

Filter Protection

Filter vaults are made from a special, high-density glass epoxy material that is approximately half the weight of aluminum, yet far more capable of resisting abrasion, friction, impact, corrosion and material fatigue. Filter vaults protect the filter during transit and use, and increase image quality by eliminating internal reflections and filter-flex caused by inferior holder systems.

Filter Vaults encase the sides of a filter, which helps to reduce or eliminate stray light that could have unwanted effects on exposure. Filter Vaults also reinforce the installed filter's rigidity while preventing it's sides from having to come into direct contact with a filter holder's slots. This protects the surface of the filter and helps ensure sharp results by keeping the filter flat.

ND Vault

ND Vaults fit 100x100mm x 2mm glass or resin filters. It’s called an “ND” vault because it has been designed to fit in the rear slot of the holder and create a light tight seal against the holder body, which is ideal for dark ND filters. But this vault can be used with any solid color square filter too.

Grad Vault

Grad Vaults are taller than the ND Vault and fit into the two outer slots of the holder. Grad Vaults are vertically adjustable using the buttons on the holder system. The Grad Vaults have a catch feature that stops them from falling to the floor when the button is pushed.

The Wine Coin

The Wine Coin is a fun and innovative solution for safely locking your filters into the vault without adding any additional height or size to the vault itself. Designed to keep the vaults as small as possible so they do not fill up your camera bag with unnecessary bulk. The engraving gives it grip for rotation, and the brass “relics” (ages) really quickly giving it a groovy vintage vibe.

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Manufacturer SKU 100KT1P00
Brand Wine Country Camera
Filter System Wine Country Camera 100mm
Type Filter Holder
Connection Type Adaptor Ring (Not Included)
Compatible Filter Sizes Wine Country Filter Vault, Wine Country Polarizer

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