TriggerSmart Control Unit MKII

The TriggerSmart is designed to easily capture images using many different ways to trigger a camera using Sound, Light Intensity Increase, Infra-Red Beam Breaking and Movement.

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The new TriggerSmart MKII Control Unit is a wireless enabled addition to the Sabreswitch range of controllers. It is an affordable triggering solution for all photographers wanting to capture movement. The product enables the user to easily capture images that would otherwise be impossible or difficult to achieve and allows precise repetition!

The TriggerSmart MKII Control Unit in conjunction with either a wired or wireless TriggerSmart Sensor (sold separately) allows DSLR, Mirrorless and CSC cameras to be be triggered by breaking an invisible IR beam, an increase in light intensity, a sudden sound or tilting movement of the subject.

The new Wireless Multi Sensor (sold separately) can sense IR beam (requires IR Transmitter), light intensity and sound. It also includes an auxiliary input enabling the use of wired TriggerSmart sensors such as TriggerBeam, TriggerScout and Tilt without the need for cables connected back to the Control Unit.

The controller connects to your camera via a cable and to a sensor via either wireless or cable.

NEW compact design and digital control features:

  1. Precise digitally set delay and trigger times
  2. Connects to wired or wireless sensors
  3. Delay time 1ms to 10 seconds
  4. Trigger (burst) time 0.1 to 10 seconds
  5. Continuous or one-shot firing mode
  6. Auto and manual trigger reset
  7. Manual override focus and trigger
  8. Works with other TriggerSmart sensors
  9. Long battery life with battery low indicators
  10. Compatible with most cameras: DSLR, Mirrorless and Compact System Cameras, also some video cameras

For some fantastic examples of images made possible by the TriggerSmart range please Click Here

MkII Controller Specifications

  • TRIGGER INPUT - Via 433Mhz wireless link for Sensor (max 30m distance)- Wired input from Sensors and other TS products
  • WIRELESS CHANNELS - 16 programmable channels
  • DIGITAL TRIGGER TIMER - Digital readout for - 100 ms (1/10 sec.) to - 9.9 seconds
  • DIGITAL DELAY TIMER - Short delay - 1 ms (1/1000 sec.) to 100 ms (1/10 sec.). - Long delay - 1000 ms (1/10 sec.) to 10 seconds
  • TRIGGER MODES - Manual, auto 1 shot, auto re-arm.
  • FOCUS ACTIVATION - Manual activation.
  • TRIGGER OUTPUTS - Camera and auxcilliary
  • SENSOR MODES - Flash, infrared beam, sound.
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS - x 2 PP3 batteries, high power type, one can be on standby
  • POWER CONSUMPTION - About 25 milliamps.
  • SIZE - (W)15cm x (D)10cm x (H)3.5cm.
  • WEIGHT - 200g
  • TEMPERATURE - 0 to 350 C. (operating). -10 to +500 C. (non- operating)
  • SHOCK - 10 Newtons

TriggerSmart is made in the UK by Sabre Switch who can contacted for technical support on 0845 165 0351

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Manufacturer SKU TSCU-2
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