TetherTools VADPTQR-LB Rock Solid VESA Quick Release Locking Base

Need to move your monitor from location to location? An extra Quick Release Locking Base is a great solution if you have multiple places that you’ll be placing a monitor such as a wall, desk or stand. Purchase and install an additional Quick Release Locking Bases for each location. This requires the Rock Solid VESA Quick Release Locking System which includes one Quick Release Locking Base.

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Do you use your monitor in multiple locations and want a quick and easy way to connect to both a stand and desk? Purchase and install as many Quick Release Locking Bases as you have mounting options, and the Rock Solid VESA Quick Release Locking System slides on and clips into each Locking Base that is mounted to your VESA stand and grip gear.

Pair a Rock Solid VESA Monitor Mount (sold separately) with a Rock Solid VESA Monitor Quick Release System (sold separately) to mount your monitor to a stand or tripod.

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Manufacturer SKU VADPTQR-LB
Brand Tether Tools
VU Monitor Mounts Adapter
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