Hasselblad H6D-100c Medium Format Digital Camera Body

The Hasselblad H6D-100c is Hasselblad's latest generation H System Camera. Boasting an incredible dynamic range of 15 stops and UHD 4k video, the unmatched 100MP Sensor offers the the highest quality medium format output available in the market today. 

Brand: Hasselblad
Sku: HAS3013742 Manufacturer SKU: 3013742

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Hasselblad H6D-100c

For the photographer who demands nothing less than the best from their digital camera, Hasselblad presents the H6D-100c. Its large sensor offers an almost full field-of-view from our HC & HCD wide angle lenses and is capable of recording breathtaking detail, even in poor lighting conditions.

The all new H6D-100c is the latest generation of Hasselblad's H System camera and offers the highest quality output from any digital camera in today’s market.

100MP CMOS Sensor

Continuing the success story of their 50MP CMOS sensor Hasselblad have added a 100MP option to the range, delivering unmatchable image quality and the ability to resolve the finest detail with their HC & HCD lenses, whose pedigree has long been proven through use with their 200MP Multi-shot systems. The 100MP sensor boasts an incredible 15 stops of dynamic range, allowing for maximum detail to be captured in both highlight and shadow areas. The sheer breadth of tonality that can be captured with the H6D-100c has to be seen to be believed.

New Electronic Platform

The already compelling case for medium format capture has just become substantially more attractive. The entire electronic platform of the H6D has been redesigned with a fast, new generation processor to handle the advanced features of the camera. This improved speed allows a faster shooting rate of up to 1.5 frames per second that can be sustained for longer, thanks to an increased buffer.


The new 3” high definition rear display boasts touch capability with user customisation options including assigning favourite functions to touch buttons. We’ve increased the resolution to 920K dots and the image display performance delivers clear, colour accurate image reviews and a pin sharp Liveview experience.

UHD 4K & HD Video

Thanks to the redesign of the electronic platform, the H6D-100c is capable of capturing UHD (4K) video in Hasselblad’s proprietary RAW format which can be converted to Cinema DNG in Phocus. HD footage can also be captured in H.264 format which is compatible with all popular editing packages. Coupled with the HDMI and audio facilities, the capture of high quality video output is simplicity itself.

Phocus 3.0

To complement the release of the H6D camera system, our image processing software has been enhanced with additional tools to allow more precise application of corrections.

USB 3.0 Type-C Connector

Hasselblad opted for a USB 3.0 Type-C connector to allow connection to any platform without the need for an adapter. It also delivers very fast transfer rates of more than five times that of Firewire, ensuring tethered liveview or stills capture is an experience to be enjoyed.

Dual Card Slots

The addition of a second media card slot to the storage options, and updated card type compatability offers maximum flexibility. The CFast card slot offers very high speed data transfer rates and is uniquely qualified for use with the high data bandwidths required for HD & UHD video and continuous stills shooting. The industry standard SD card slot ensures very good data transfer rates and wide ranging compatibility with existing card readers.

Mini HDMI & Audio I/O ports

The addition of a mini HDMI port along with the associated input/output ports enables videographers to display the video feed on a larger external monitor for audio and video files. It is also a huge advantage to photographers using liveview to check composition and focus when using a technical camera.

Updated H Series Lenses

To take full advantage of the H6D’s new features, Hasselblad have also updated their entire range of H series lenses and incorporated a new shutter unit with an extended lifespan and an increased top shutter speed of 1/2000th second, when used with an H6D camera. And of course, having a leaf shutter means that flash sync at all speeds is still possible.

Please Note: This listing is for the camera body only. All lenses are sold separately.

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Manufacturer SKU 3013742
Brand Hasselblad
Camera Format Digital Medium Format
Camera Type DSLR Large Sensor Medium Format
Sensor Type & Resolution 53.4 × 40.0mm CMOS, 100 megapixels (11600 × 8700 pixels, 4.6 × 4.6 μm
File Format Stills: Hasselblad 3FR. Video: 8 bit, 4:2:0, H.264 Compressed (25 fps) (HD only), Hasselblad RAW (25 fps) (UHD)
File Size Stills: RAW 3FR capture 207MB on average. TIFF 8 bit: 289MB; Video: HD (1920 x 1080p), UHD (3840 x 2160p)
Colour Definition 16 bit; Dynamic range 15 stops
Colour Management System Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution
Shooting Mode Single shot stills, Video
Video Recording Format Full HD (1920x1080p) & UHD (3840 x 2160p) 25 fps
Capture Rate TBD
Shutter Speed 60 minutes to 1/2000 sec (depending on lens type used)
ISO Speed Range ISO 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 & 12800
Exposure Metering Spot, Centre Weighted and CentreSpot
Focus Autofocus metering with passive central cross-type sensor. Ultra focus digital feedback. Instant manual focus override. Metering range EV 1 to 19 at ISO 100
Lens Compatability Hasselblad H system lens line with integral central lens shutter
Flash Sync Speed Flash can be used at all shutter speeds
Flash Control Automatic TTL centre weighted system. Uses built-in flash or flashes compatible with SCA3002 (Metz™). Output can be adjusted from -3 to +3EV. For manual flashes a built-in metering system is available.
Display 3 inch TFT type, 24 bit colour, 920K pixels; Touch functionality: Yes, full support.
Histogram Yes (on rear display and on camera grip display)
Viewfinder HV 90x II: 90° eye-level viewfinder with dioptre adjustment. Image magnification 2.7x. Integral fill-flash (G.No. 12 @ ISO100). Hot shoe for SCA3002 system flashes from Metz™
Live View Live View: On camera, host and iOS device with high frame rate (30 fps)
Storage Options CFast Card, SD Card (UHS-I)
Storage Capacity 16GB card holds 72 images on average
Cabled Connectivity USB 3.0 (5 Gbit/s) Type-C connector, Mini HDMI, Audio In/Out. Flash sync In/Out, Power In
WI-FI & GPS 802.11a, b, g, n, ac (depending on region).
Platform Support Macintosh: OSX version 10.10; PC: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64 bit only)Macintosh: OSX version 10.9 or later; PC: XP/Vista/Windows 7 (64 bit)/8/10
Software Phocus for Mac and Windows.
Power Supply Rechargeable Li-ion battery (7.2 VDC/3200 mAh); Socket for external power
Functional Temperature in °C - 10 ̊C to + 45 ̊C / 14 – 113 ̊F
Environmental Protection Yes; Weather & Dust Seals
Dimensions Complete camera w/ HC80 lens: 153 x 131 x 205mm [W x H x D]
Weight 2130g (Complete camera w/ HC80

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