LEE Filters 100mm System Coral 7 Grad Hard Filter

The LEE Filters 100mm System Coral 7 Grad Hard Filter enables the photographer to selectively position the effect across the frame. Pinkish warm-up, redder than the 81 series.

Brand: LEE Filters
Sku: LEECo7GH100x150U2 Manufacturer SKU: Co7GH100x150U2

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Coral Filters were developed for the movie industry to give accurate colour temperature corrections with a bit of added red. Whilst the 80 Series of Filters were seen as giving “neutral” warmth, the Coral Range has become a popular alternative. The range is available in fourteen strengths – the higher the number the further the colour temperature is corrected.

Precise creative control

There is a place in landscape photography for both hard and soft grads. Which one you decide to use will depend mainly on the subject matter of your image.

As a general rule, a hard grad would be used for images containing a horizon, or any hard transition between the sky and the foreground - even with jagged or mountainous horizons, the exposure can be controlled far easier with a hard grad.

Soft grads perform best in woodland, mist, or interiors. Anywhere where there is no definite transition between sky and foreground, a soft grad will gently balance exposure across the image.

Ultimate flexibility

Coral Grads can be stacked together, or with other filters, so you can respond to almost any lighting situation.

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Manufacturer SKU Co7GH100x150U2
Brand LEE Filters
Filter Effect Warm-Up
Filter System LEE 100mm
Filter Dimensions 100x150mm
Filter Material Optically Correct Resin
Filter Type Slide
Quantity Single
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