Arca Swiss Monoball Ball and Socket P1 with Quickset Fliplock Device

The Arca Swiss Monoball P1 S with Quick Set Device Flip-Lock is a unique, entirely re-engineered type of ball head that improves on the conventional ball head design.

WARNING: The Fliplock Device is intended for use only with genuine Arca Swiss plates & brackets. Third party 'Arca Fit' products are not supported and may void the warranty if used.

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The first noticeable difference is the "upside-down" design of this ball head. Instead of having a ball that rests inside a ball-housing, the entire P1's ball-housing sits on top of the ball. Three small gears surround the ball and apply a uniform, synchronized force around the ball, thus ensuring smooth movement of the installed camera in all axes.

Another major difference with the P1 head is the conspicuous absence of a locking knob. Instead of using a lever or knob, you lock down the head by turning the knurled ring, which is positioned between the camera platform and the ball. This means that whichever orientation the head may be positioned in front of you, you can blindly reach for the ball head and turn the knurled ring to set the camera, without having to fumble for the locking knob.

The panning system is unconventionally located above the ball, just below the camera mount. This allows the 360° panoramic rotation to be kept in line with the vertical axis.

Ever since their introduction over forty years ago, the Arca Swiss Monoballs have been at the forefront of quality and performance. Today, their unique shape (an ellipse rather than a sphere) is still what separates them from all others. With other ball heads, no matter how good the tension modulation is, invariably you will need to increase the tension control as you move the load away from the centre. This is because gravity has a greater effect on gear when not perfectly level.

  • Includes the Flip-Lock quick release system, which offers double safety locking feature, with instant flip-lock release of the clamp. This also allows for faster mounting and dismounting of cameras.
  • Maximum tilt range of 35°
  • Base diameter of 65mm
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    Manufacturer SKU 801204
    Brand Arca Swiss
    Head Type Ball and Socket
    Height 9.1cm
    Weight 550g
    Style Quick Release
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